Open position for a Bioinformatician with experience in genomic data analysis atThe Clinical Bioinformatics Area

The Clinical Bioinformatics Area has opened a position for a Bioinformatician expert in genomics data analysis.

Our participation in different genomic projects (NaGen, CIBERER, the Andalusian Plan of Personalized Medicine, etc.) requires a lot of genomic data analysis. In addition we are involved in projects for the development of prognostic predictors based on gene expression. We are recruiting people to help us analysing genomes and exomes, looking for new disease causative variants and genes, and also analysing gene expression data. 

Experience required:

  • Degree in life sciences os statistic or related
  • Advanced knowledge of genetics
  • Experience in genomic data analysis.
  • Experience in tools for pipelines of genomic data analysis (FastQC, BWA, Bowtie, GATK, SAMtools, etc), annotation (ANNOVAR, etc.) and prioritization.
  • Experience in gene expression data and miRNAs (affymetrix, Agilent, RNA-seq)
  • Understanding of processes required for the management of big data
  • Experience in R programming language
  • Experience in Python or PERL programming languajes
  • Experience in linux environment

Submit your application here until 30/11/2017 

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 00:00