Functional profiling and gene expression analysis of chromosomal copy number alterations

TitleFunctional profiling and gene expression analysis of chromosomal copy number alterations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsConde, L, Montaner, D, Burguet-Castell, J, Tarraga, J, Al-Shahrour, F, Dopazo, J

Contrarily to the traditional view in which only one or a few key genes were supposed to be the causative factors of diseases, we discuss the importance of considering groups of functionally related genes in the study of pathologies characterised by chromosomal copy number alterations. Recent observations have reported the existence of regions in higher eukaryotic chromosomes (including humans) containing genes of related function that show a high degree of coregulation. Copy number alterations will consequently affect to clusters of functionally related genes, which will be the final causative agents of the diseased phenotype, in many cases. Therefore, we propose that the functional profiling of the regions affected by copy number alterations must be an important aspect to take into account in the understanding of this type of pathologies. To illustrate this, we present an integrated study of DNA copy number variations, gene expression along with the functional profiling of chromosomal regions in a case of multiple myeloma.


Conde, Lucia Montaner, David Burguet-Castell, Jordi Tarraga, Joaquin Al-Shahrour, Fatima Dopazo, Joaquin Singapore Bioinformation Bioinformation. 2007 Apr 10;1(10):432-5.