About Us People at Clinical Bioinformatics Area

Staff working in clinical bioinformatics, use areas of computer science including software tools that generate useful biological knowledge by manipulating ‘big data’.

Joaquin Dopazo
Head of Area

He is also heading the Functional Genomics Node of the INB and the Bioinformatics group of the CIBERER.

Javier Pérez Florido
PhD in Informatics Engineering

Research in genomic data analysis and algorithm development.

María Peña Chilet
Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Biotechnology and Biomedicine. Researcher in cancer epigenomics.

Cankut Çubuk
PhD Student

PhD candidate and his main interest is signaling and metabolic pathway analysis.

Matías Marín Falco
PhD candidate

Working on molecular mechanisms of rare diseases and cancer.

Miguel Gutiérrez Páez
System Administrator

Linux system administrator, HPC, networking, monitoring, storage and SAN management.

Alexis Martínez Chacón
Software Developer

Software Developer and Bioinformatics Programming.

Asunción Gallego Ortega
HPC programmer

Software Developer and Bioinformatics Programming.

Rubén García Serrano
Web Developer

Front End, Web development.

Gema Roldán

Software Developer.

Daniel López

Daniel López López
PhD in Computational and Molecular biology

Bioinformatics resercher and NGS data analysis specialist

Inmaculada Guillén Baena
Project Assistant

Provides support and creates balance in the time and scope of executing projects in the area.


Firstname Lastname Email Role Period
Linda Minotti Email,Linkedin PhD student Bioinformatics on cancer research. Since October to December 2017
Sokaina el khamlichi PhD student in bioinformatics October 2017
Fatma Ezgi CAN PhD candidate in statistics. Since July to August 2017